Musicians from around the world stand in solidarity for West Papua.
This star-studded music compilation features songs recorded for the people of West Papua. For too long their cries had fallen on deaf ears, for too long their voices had been silenced… those times are now in the past.

Let us be the eyes for those who are blind folded, let us be the voices for those who can not speak” Hon. Peter O’Neil

The songs in this album were recorded in response to the cries of the West Papuan people. The people of Melanesia now stand in solidarity with the people of West Papua.

As the late grate Father Walter Lini said … “Melanesia is not free until West Papua is Free
This album represents the growing solidarity in Melanesia with the ULMWP, and recognition of their legitimate representation of the West Papuan people.

The album features:

·         “Wor Kakes”. A beautiful song by West Papuan legendary musician and icon of West Papua identity Arnold Ap, who was assassinated on 26 April 1984. Ap was seen as a threat as he was uniting the cultural opposition to Jakarta’s rule over West Papua. The D.O.M. began in 1984 and was an era of extremely violent oppression in West Papua, Aps assassination was the beginning of the D.O.M
·         “Time to Rise” by Lucky Dube’s band One People Band from South Africa.This track represents the rise in solidarity from the people and leadership of South Africa. As Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu said: “For many years the people of South Africa suffered under the yoke of oppression and apartheid. Many people continue to suffer brutal oppression, where their fundamental dignity as human beings is denied. One such people is the people of West Papua. The people of West Papua have been denied their basic human rights, including their right to self-determination. It is with deep concern I have learned about the United Nations’ role in the take-over of West Papua by Indonesia, and in the now-discredited “Act of ‘Free’ Choice” of 1969. Instead of a proper referendum, where every adult male and female had the opportunity to vote by secret ballot on whether or not they wished to be part of Indonesia, just over 1,000 people were hand-picked and coerced into declaring for Indonesia in public in a climate of fear and repression. The UN had just 16 observers to this Act for a country the size of Spain. The then Secretary-General’s Representative reported on the conduct of the Act to the UN General Assembly in 1969, which noted his report on 19 November of that year. One of the senior UN officials at the time, Chakravarthy Narasimhan, has since called the process a “whitewash”. A strong United Nations will be capable of, among other things, acknowledging and correcting its mistakes. I would like to add my voice to growing international calls for the UN Secretary General to instigate a review of the UN’s conduct in relation to the now-discredited “Act of ‘Free’ Choice”. I will keep the people of West Papua in my prayers, and I would like to extend my best wishes and moral support to them in their hour of need." Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu.

·         Big Mountain who recently toured the Solomon Islands. This song “Vision” features members of Tabura and the Black Sistaz of West Papua.

·         Australia’s Blue King Brown calls to “All Nations” to stand up for West Papua. This album also brings the latest release of PNG singer

·         Jagarizzar with his song “Independence”.
·         Aboriginal music legends Yothu Yindi gave this song “Spirit Of Peace”, which was actually written by PNG artistic icon William Takaku. The lead singer of Yothu Yindi gave this song to the movement of West Papua, before he passed away in 2013.

·         Seru Serevi from Fiji wrote this very special song “Let the Morning Star Rise” after meeting with the Rize of the Morning Star crew in Vanuatu.

·         Vanuatu’s Stan and the Earth Force song “West Papua Rise up”
·         Local artist Soul Jay with his song “Free West Papua”, which was a hit song during the last MSG meeting in Solomon Islands.

·         The rising star of PNG hiphop Sprigga Mek also gives his support with Kanaka pasin, representing the voice from the streets of Port Moresby and the next generation of support from PNG
·         Mr Savona with Jamaican icon Anthony B with their song “Guns in town”
·         PNG’s 2015 song of the year by Anslom “Member” calls for an end to corruption in PNG. This song was given by Anslom in support of cleaner diplomacy and an end to Indonesian sponsored corruption in PNG.

·         King Kapisi representing Samoa and NZ gives his song “Salvation” for the rize of West Papua,
·         Kaivili from Fiji and Airileke from PNG/Oz release this brand new single “Rize like a Morning Star”
·         West Papua’s own Tabura release their debut single “Yenures”
·         Vanuatu’s legendary singer Vanessa Quai contributes her song calling for Melanesia to Rise up for West Papua

·         Representing the Solidarity of Micronesia is Tevaka from Tokelau with their song “Papua I sisifo”

The Rize of the Morning Star compilation CD is available for download on itunes.

Or physical sales at the Peace Concert for West Papua: July 13 and 14, SMI Compound, Honiara.

All proceeds of CD sales go to Rize of the Morning Star campaign for West Papua.

For interviews regarding the CD and Concert please contact:

Sammy, Gaz, Airileke or Soul Jay 7858041 or 8769072 PNG +675 71701830 AUSTRALIA +61 497686589 Email:

Free West Papua Compilation #2 Sponsored by Rize of the Morning Star, Pasifika, Bertha Foundation, Produced by Airileke

JULY 13th & 14th SMI COMPOUND, Honiara, Solomon Islands

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