Media freedom is the right to review and Opinions Convey information through publication in the print media, online media through an electronic OR Without interfering serbi From gatra.
 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that 'EVERY Orangutans have the right to review Freedom of speech and expression; Singer rights Including the freedom to have opinions without interference, and deliver Information and Media Mind fruit through Anything Without Limits'. ABOUT The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights guarantees the right of the press to publish without censorship review OR restrictions for public review and inform Opinion Appropriate public right to review RECEIVE Output Media. 
 Media freedom in Indonesia immortalized hearts Articles 28 and 28F of the 1945 Constitution, Indonesia and is implemented by Law 40/1999 ON Press, press Yang that states' national media as to the review of mass communication, the spread of information, and shaping public opinion, Must be Able to perform the Best Match with the principle, functions, rights, liabilities and Role-based professional freedom of the press, guaranteed and protected by law and free from interference serbi and Disorders'. Law Explains the singer law states that IT Means that the Press Should Be Free From Obstacles, prohibiting up / OR emphasis on the right of 'the public for review of Information Guaranteed.In Papua, the local Reporters face the risk of violence and intimidation on a daily basis, while foreign journalists are prohibited from visiting the smoking area at all. Media oppression by the government and police have been very limited independent reporting by the media, and monitoring by NGOs. In 2014 Jayapura Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) recorded 18 cases of intimidation and violence against journalists in Papua. This is a slight decline from 2013, when 20 cases recorded, and both Showed a sharp increase is from 2012, when only 12 cases were Reported. 21 cases were Reported in 2013-2014 are detailed in this section. In the past, foreign journalists have been routinely Reported disguise of West Papua, the Indonesian government put restrictions on access to West Papua for foreign journalists and human rights observers. While some foreign journalists have been Arrested and deported in 2016 saw the first time that journalists are prosecuted and sentenced to two and a half months in prison.

Goo Koteka

Goo koteka

GOO KOTEKA Adalah Aktivis Hak Asasi Manusia yang Khusus Memperjuangkan Penentuan Nasib Sendiri Bagi Rakyat Papua. Melalui web ini ingin Mengaspirasikan Penderitaan Rakyat dibawah Penjajahan Kolonialisme,Kapitalisme dan Militerisme. FREEDOM WEST PAPUA.
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