Peringati Harkitnas Masyarakat Adat Papua Demo Perusahaan Sawit
last month May 30, 2016 Human Rights Report, news alerts, Syndication of WPM Partners, Written by a regular contributor to the resilience WPMenvironmental, PT Cipta Papua Plantation, PT Henrison Inti Persada, PT Inti Gardens Sejahtera, PT Mega Mustika Plantation, Sorong[AwasMIFEE note: as the indigenous people of Sorong, Nabire, Merauke andElsewhere throughout Papua continues to reject oil palm expansion, there are nowit seems some hope the government responds. apparently
that the President Joko Widodo April comments and that he was preparinga moratorium on all new oil palm permits are being followed up. ProfessorSan Afri Awang, the Director General of Forestry Planning andEnvironmental Governance, has stated that "We have rejected andterminated the licensing process for all new oil palm plantationssubmitted by 61 companies of more than 851,000hectares. "All the 61 applications came from Papua, West Papua and CentralKalimantan province. The President reportedly preparingPresidential instruction to provide a legal framework for the moratorium.Of course, until it was published and we see how it becomes

implemented, it is impossible to know how many changes this meansthe policy may impact the exploitation and destruction of nature Papua.

Indonesian government through the Indonesian military as a drain and equipment in to colonize the people of Papua on the land of Papua.

 Source: Cahaya Papua

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