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Today, Saturday, December 19, 2015, Papua Students Alliance (AMP) did ak in front of the State Palace of Indonesia. Unfortunately dissolved and mass action was captured then transported to Polda Metro Jaya, Jakarta.

Mass amounting to tens of people is then surrounded by police and intelligence, as in the photo. Apparatus amount more than the mass action. After officers surrounded the masses, forces forcibly dispersed and mass transport to the police.

AMP acts as a form of protest against the "Trikora, December 19, 1961". Trikora known by the people as the beginning of colonization Indonesian Papua to Papua. Trikora is a form of greed State Indonesia through Soekarno first time issued a statement to master wealth annexation of Papua.

Trikora also the beginning of humanity and violations of people's rights are violated by the State of Papua Indonesia.

Mass action is currently being taken to the police. For no apparent reason, the mass action of dissolved dsn transported to the police.

Please support and advolasi all humanitarian observers and observers of the truth.

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